Cylch Blodeuwedd

Druidic Grove in North-West Wales

Calan Mai/Beltaine 2010Calan Mai/Beltaine 2010

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Last Saturday saw Cylch Blodeuwedd joining with our friends Caryl and Nigel in Nebo to celebrate Beltaine with their group of friends. They are establishing an OBOD seed group there, and it was lovely to help them celebrate this lovely time of year, and by far one of the most enjoyable of the wheel of […]

Calan Mai 2009

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Well! Our Calan Mai/Beltaine ritual day this year was certainly a full one. We all gathered together at Alison’s house in the Nantlle Valley for about 11/11:30 AM, getting everything set up and settled before we convened up in her lovely-atmosphered summer house with the Calan Mai altar, to briefly discuss some business before properly […]

May Blossom Wine

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Equipment: All you need is a fermentation bin (available from shops selling home brew stuff), a sieve, a grater and a lemon squeezer. Clean glass bottles – corks are fine but screw tops are better, a length of syphon pipe. Ingredients: May blossom, sugar, lemons and oranges, wine yeast (for amounts see below!). Collecting the […]