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Calan Mai/Beltaine 2010Calan Mai/Beltaine 2010

by Dafydd - May 7th, 2010.
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Last Saturday saw Cylch Blodeuwedd joining with our friends Caryl and Nigel in Nebo to celebrate Beltaine with their group of friends. They are establishing an OBOD seed group there, and it was lovely to help them celebrate this lovely time of year, and by far one of the most enjoyable of the wheel of the year’s rituals. We wish them every success with their new venture.

This Beltaine saw 30 people descending on Nebo. We arrived at Lunch time, and started the day’s activities by making a labyrinth – each of us had brought a kilo of cooked rise. After our creation took shape, we walked the labyrinth, accompanied by some very enthusiastic drumming – with the aim of tying a ribbon onto a pole in the middle. Then being lead out by the next person coming into the labyrinth – a lovely act of balance, and a very powerful thing!

Beltaine Labyrinth

Beltaine Labyrinth

After this the group was divided into men and women, each group with a set of tasks to perform to lead into the main ritual.

The main part of the ritual consisted of us coming back from our separate preparations and starting the main part of the ritual. The quarters were opened and Caryl lead us into the spirit of the day. The pattern being that men were on the outer ring of the circle, the ladies on the inner ring. The men then went outside of this circle to perform their feats of masculine prowess and general noisiness. Upon returning the the circle, the ladies suddenly burst into angelic waves of singing and turned round and presented the menfolk with flowers – that was unexpected for us guys, and completely de-fused the outpouring of masculine action and stomping that had gone before! Then one of the other activities was that we each came forward to the May King and May Queen (who each had their parts of the ritual to read also) and be presented with a pebble from a basket – presented by the May King to the ladies and the May Queen to the menfolk. This was followed by more readings and the circle being closed.

We then went inside to dry out and enjoy a lovely feast that everyone had contributed to.

Then Caryl lead us through a mummer’s play for the time of beltaine with some very colourful characters indeed; the winter dragon, pan, jack the green, st george -a very diverse collection. All acted out with masterful drama and superb props… despite hardly being able to move as we were all crammed into Caryl’s kitchen at this point!

After this came a little more food, and a little wine also. Singing and generally having a good time. Then as dusk approached, we went outside to light the Beltaine fires that the men had built previously. Those who felt adventurous jumped over the fires of course! More singing followed and then the evening started to wind down with people chatting, discussing and generally coming together as a community after a great celebration – a magic way to end a lovely day!

Beltaine Fires

Beltaine Fires

Happy Beltaine to all/Calan Mai Hapus i Bawb!!!

Videos of some of the day’s events are available here: – membership of Druidic Dawn is required as these aren’t really public.

3 Responses to Calan Mai/Beltaine 2010Calan Mai/Beltaine 2010

  1. To quote Max Boyce: ‘I know because I was there!’
    Quite right, it was a wonderful day. Although I was invited to a 60th birthday celebration in the evening I was sooo glad I stayed on at Caryl’s instead or else I would have missed the (in my opinion) best part of it all – the lighting of the Beltane fires. It was truly magical standing by the fires and seeing the lights of Caernarfon in the distance and the dying shimmer of daylight on the waters of the Irish Sea!
    Blessings of the coming summer,

  2. It was a wonderful day, despite the rain in the middle. We were all very cosy for the mummer’s play back in the cottage. I really enjoyed meeting old friends and making some new ones. Thanks to everyone, but especially Caryl for a magical day. Alison

  3. Sounds as though summer was well and truly welcomed. Good job folks! X

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