Cylch Blodeuwedd

Druidic Grove in North-West Wales



Imbolc at Glynllyfon, 2011

We are a small friendly group of people who meet to celebrate the eight main festivals of the year – and sometimes for other occasions and purposes too. We gather in various out-door locations from the Conwy Valley to the Llyn Peninsula. A strong sense of community and mutual support is key to our members. We are also currently leading a series of discussions/lectures in Bangor based on various pertinent topics such as ritual, the wisdom of trees, animism, the elements, soul healing, shamanic journeying, the Wheel of the Year, etc..

Why not come and join us – you are very welcome!

The Meaning of Cylch Blodeuwedd:The name of our grove, Cylch Blodeuwedd, means “Circle of Blodeuwedd” – Blodeuwedd being one of the main characters in the Mabinogi; a woman who was created from flowers, but who fell from favour after committing adultery and was then banished in owl form to forever roam the night skies and dark woodlands. (A full and detailed explanation can be read here.)