Cylch Blodeuwedd

Druidic Grove in North-West Wales


Creativity is one of the main focuses for Cylch Blodeuwedd. By each of us exploring our passions, the things that set us aflame into wild love and experience, by working with our dreams, inner worlds, and imagination, we hope to uncover bit by bit, pieces of who we are. Creativity is like a looking-glass into the soul.

Below you will find many different ways to explore your own Self. We are gradually compiling different ideas and how-to’s, as a record but also a reminder of what there is out there that can be done to keep the Awen inside of us alive and flowing.

Crafts — here you will find seasonal activities, as well as very basic how-to guidelines. Ever wondered how to make a ritual head-wreath or a Brighid’s cross? This is the place for you.

Meditations — this is an excellent way to explore your inner realms. Our meditations are those used by members during individual practice or in ritual itself.

Poetry — we are blessed with many excellent poets, in both Welsh and English. Many of the poetry shared here is dedicated to a particular time of the year or a deity.

Recipes — this includes recipes used in rituals or during the feast afterwards, as well as various beverages. There are also a few incense recipes, which can be useful for various purposes in your sacred times and places.