Cylch Blodeuwedd

Druidic Grove in North-West Wales


Here you will find some links of interest to sites of druidic, historical, mythological and other interesting topics. Also are some links to friend’s sites. If you have any links that you think belong here, let us know!



  • Druidic Dawn — website with many many resources, the best being its large collection of articles and as a good place to network in the Druid community! Unless you are a member, you don’t get the full scope of articles or resources either, and it is worth it, if you do join.
  • The Druid Network — website for information and connection of Druids, no matter what their path.
  • Eadha Deora — website of one of our members, Jenn. Centred around the aspects of growth and transformation in Celtic spiritualities.
  • Grove of the Stars — website of two of Dafydd’s friends. No longer active but still a good collection of articles on deities, rituals and the seasons.
  • IMBAS — website full of excellent articles on druidry, ritual, Celtic mindset, mythology and beliefs. A must-peruse!
  • OBOD — The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids website. Courses available. Large forum on druidry and related subjects.
  • Ord Brighideach — website dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Brighid, where you can join and share the task of burning a flame to her once every 20 days

Celtic Studies

  • Mabinogi Study Group — website started by Jenn for general circulation and discussion of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi–the only website of its kind on the internet!
  • Cathbad — one of the best resources online for a guide to Druidry/Druidism, the author under the name “Cathbad” has given us a very comprehensive set of articles on Celtic beliefs, based in thorough research.

Celtic Christianity

  • Ceile De — website of the Ceile De (“Cul-dee”), a long Celtic Christian tradition claiming roots in Druidry which believe in Christ Consciousness, Love, and Devotion as aspects of their path.

Soul Craft: Crafting a Soulful Life

  • Animas Valley Institute — started by Bill Plotkin, author of “Soul Craft” and “Nature and the Human Soul”, this group focuses on fostering encounters with soul, through sacred practices and journeys.
  • The Alliance for Wild Ethics –started by David Abram and Stephen Harding, this website is about the importance of Oral Culture, Wilderness, and Ethical Living–and how all three of these things are interconnected.
  • EarthLight — small but interesting project which, as they say on their website, “An extensive online collection of ARTICLES, REVIEWS, ESSAYS AND VIDEO LINKS exploring the encounter of spirituality and ecology in our time.” I can personally highly recommend many of the authors and the articles and essays. Very cool stuff!
  • The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers — Enough said! Thirteen indigenous nains/grandmothers got together and decided that they didn’t like the way the world was going and needed to do something about it! This website is a product of their coming-together, and also to support their book.

Soul Poets, Artists and Thinkers

  • Feral Poetry — poetry blog of Jenn’s, as she tries to return poetry to its uncivilized, ‘feral’ nature … Feral poetry is more concerned with being itself than being defined … it is unpredictable, unexplored, and unclaimed, dredging up the mysteries of the psyche and soul.
  • David Whyte — a favourite poet amongst many grove members, his poetry really returns to the core questions of what it means to be human and belong, what it means to be authentic and true, what it means to really live.
  • Nekyia — the current poetry blog of writer Frank Owen (MacEowen) —
  • Thomas Berry — most famously known for his quote “The universe is a communion of subjects not a collection of objects”, he came not too far from Jenn’s hometown and has contributed greatly through writings on the “Great Work” of our time, and “what it means to be human in a more-than-human world” (quoting David Abram).
  • Brian Swimme — developing a new ‘cosmology’ for our world, that celebrates the unfolding story of the Universe and the sacred imagination.

Charities and Activists

Owl Charities:

  • The Barn Owl Trust — excellent, excellent group that provides shelter, healing, rehabilitation and re-introduction into the wild for Barn Owls, which you can ‘join’, help out with as a volunteer (regularly or as a one-off) or donate money. Also, excitingly there’s a live webcam too where you can watch the owls! They’re such handsome creatures.
  • World Owl Trust — another excellent Owl charity, this one with far more global impact, and also has an easy money scheme for raising money for the owls.

Tree Charities:

  • Tree Aid –help locals all over the world plant groves and woods to help them sustain their environments, their families and their local well-being.
  • Woodland Trust –very popular woodland charity in Britain, which quite a few of us as Grove members are already a part of. They offer a great deal of information on woodlands too, not to mention purchasing, planting and maintaining woodlands through Britain as much as possible, a bit like how the National Trust buys great houses and historical properties.
  • Trees for Life –support one of the last largest portions of indigenous forest in Britain –at the moment 1% of the original forest remains .. the beautiful Caledonian Forest up in Scotland, which is home to some of the nearly-lost animal species of Britain from a by-gone era, like European Beaver, Red Squirrel, Wild Cat and also numerous birds. They are thinking of bringing the Wild Boar back too. Also of special interest is their Aspen Project, another native tree that has nearly disappeared from Britain.
  • Coed Cymru –this is THE group for woodlands in Wales, I do believe; mostly supports skills using woods and using wood as a green alternative, but still pertinent to us nonetheless.
  • Woodland Heritage –interesting group which is really more about our heritage in the sense of old skills using wood (like building barns, etc) than about preserving woodland, except for economical and environmental use. Purely utilitarian.
Natural Death and Woodland Burial Groups/Charities:
  • Ethical Dying –excellent pages on The Druid Network about Ethical Dying, with information of things from burial versus cremation, willow or paper mache caskets, woodland burials and wills!

Indigenous Culture Charities and Groups

  • Cultural Survival –an activist group for indigenous peoples all over the world, trying to support locals to preserve their culture, language and ancestral knowledge, as well as their native homelands and environments.
  • Center for Indigenous Cultural Survival –another activist group operating from the University of Oregon in the USA, trying to raise awareness and help the indigenous peoples survive, especially through education and economical means.
  • Land Is Life –excellent activist group for the rights of indigenous peoples, who campaign consistently and competently across the world.

Other Links

  • The Theosophical Society in North Wales — many of our grove members are also members of the Theosophical Society, which have regular talks on ancient and esoteric wisdom and spiritualities. See their website for any upcoming talks or meetings.
  • Aon Celtic Art — many thanks to this wonderful site for the use of their Celtic Clipart. There are also lots of articles and how-to’s in regards to Celtic knotwork and using them in crafts.