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Elementals, Nature Spirits and Devas

by gillian - November 4th, 2012.
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Devas, nature spirits and elementals bridge the space between divine energy and incarnate physical life.

DEVAS (Angels):

Devas are of extreme high intelligence.

All the planets in our solar system are embodiments of a planetary deva or angel. (Incidentally this forms the basis of the “rulers of the houses” in astrology.) Each of these great beings works with a particular cosmic force emanated by our sun and also those reaching us from across the galaxy via the constellations.

Any creature or life form can only respond, use or conduct frequencies of energy for which it has developed a capacity or receptor, rather like a radio which is tuned in to a certain wave length or programme. Planetary angels specialise in a particular band of frequencies which they filter out from the general mass bombarding our solar system. They can transmute those energies into a form that the creatures living in the solar system can use, both to sustain and to evolve those lives in the most appropriate way. Without this filtering and modifying these energies would be of little use to us, passing us by or bouncing off us because we are not capable of responding to them.

Our planetary angel has many names, among them Gaia, Earth Mother, White Goddess, Mary – expressing feminine attributes, being the complimentary pole to the sun, which is regarded as masculine. We can see this duality as Mother/Father, Matter/Spirit or Water/Fire.

The three aspects of spiritual life, devas, nature spirits and elementals represent the inner patterning of all aspects of life and devas are the great angelic beings – the architects – who design the archetypal form that anything and everything takes.


These are semi intelligent and occupy the frequencies or energy range between the devas, who are supremely intelligent, and the pure elementals, who are instinctual forces. Nature spirits are concerned more with groups, species or types and we understand them best in their work with aspects of nature such as trees, water courses, meadows, flowers, rocks, crystals, caves, mountains, etc..

We can communicate with this range of angelic energy quite easily as it is only just outside our ordinary sense range. When visible to us, they are on the etheric level; when invisible, they are on the astral/mental level.

They absorb the solar energy from the devas and distribute it to the natural world.


Elementals have limited or no intelligence and work in accord with the laws of nature, building and maintaining everyday energy forms. They take the vibrations from the higher devas, from whose memory and nature the archetypes of all things derive their structure and using this as their blueprint, they take the energy from the nature spirits and “fix” the matter of the lower planes into those patterns.


Basically elementals work ceaselessly behind the scenes to make the whole production come together and work as it should. What we see of their work is only the appearance – the effect – and so they go about their business unnoticed. What we would notice is if they didn’t do it – life as we know it – if not life altogether – would come to an end.


In esoteric knowledge, the higher energetic planes (etheric, astral, etc.) are made up of a fine energy, vibrating at a slightly higher rate than the physical plane that we inhabit now. It is from this fine energy that the mould is created for every form manifest on the physical plane.


Devas, nature spirits and elementals are too pure a form of energy to work on the physical level and have to take on an etheric body to work with the etheric blueprints. The form that they take comes from humanity itself. Being humans we tend to imbue these energies/essences with recognisable human forms emotions and behaviour.

When you “clothe” your perceptions of the spirit world in certain ways, the spirits of that world respond to your imagined perception and take on that form. Over time, as certain energies (for instance, the woodland god, Pan), are perceived in a specific way, and become fixed in the mass consciousness of humanity, then people will always perceive him in that form and persona. Thoughts are all powerful. It only takes one person to think something to begin to bring it into being, via the accommodating work of the spirit world.

So, when someone thinks of earth elementals and nature spirits, they will usually imaging pictures of little grumpy gnomes and dwarfs. If they think of spirits of the flowers, they will see delicate pretty fairies.

Devas, nature spirits and elementals can also take another form and be seen in as a light body; “A whirl of energy rather like a nebula. It is very very transparent and beautifully coloured, maybe a number of colours, maybe one colour. And it has an extraordinary appearance of fine lines which are in constant motion, which seem to be flowing almost like fluid through a pipe, always curved; all the time interweaving. Forming the most exquisite patterns, and their colours are wonderful. It would be almost impossible for an artist, however clever he was, to depict them, because our colours are not pure enough.”

“The Gentleman and the Faun” R. Ogilvie Crombie.


One or more people can create a thought form by thinking a certain thing. If thousands or millions of people think the same thing then the thought form becomes hugely potent. For example, where there is strife, fear, hatred or a strong desire for power, thought forms will be attracted and help to fan the flames and build it up, making a bad situation much worse.

Worse still, human created thought forms can take on an elemental-type life of their own and elementals can become overwhelmed by these generated thought forms and become negative and evil. (Thankfully, if the situation is identified, they can also be helped back into the light again and the thought forms dispersed.)


This is particularly true of our thoughts which involve our emotions. When you think or feel something, the energy you have put into that feeling continues to exist. The emotional and mental energy is bound together by devic/elemental essence in precisely the same way that an atom of solid matter contains devic essence. There are wave particles of emotion and mentality, just as there are wave particles of earth and water. There are therefore many types of spirit whose major realms of existence is not in solid physical life but in emotion and thought.

Mediaeval occultists sought mastery over elemental beings that they fashioned by incantations. Sometimes if the magicians used the elemental forces for negative purposes, they would create a

tulpa, or thought form, that became an uncontrollable elemental demon. Once in existence this entity was hard to banish and could destroy it’s creator.



Usually imagined as small, dark coloured creatures with squat bodies and flat faces, carrying spades – the seven dwarfs in Walt Disney’s “Snow White” is a typical interpretation. The atmosphere around such beings is dense, contracting and uncomfortable, so we tend to think of earth elementals as dour and grumpy, but this feeling of sombreness comes from the way we experience them in our own energy fields, when our vibration is focused down into dense matter more than usual. In other words the force of physical gravity creates a corresponding mood of emotional gravity.

Earth devas can be perceived as such creatures as fabulous powerful fire-breathing dragons connected to large and powerful events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The mile-long mythic earthworms of fable and fairy story are the devas who care for the invisible energy network of earth and ride the ley lines, which are earth’s equivalent to the meridians and energy lines of the human body.

The nature spirits and elementals appear in the guise of goblins, gnomes, hobgoblins, dwarfs, elves.


It is perhaps easier to believe in spirits who inhabit water as it often moves in such a lively way – running, swirling, gushing, spraying, falling….

Streams and wells (typically places like the Chalice Well at Glastonbury) are often regarded as holy places where healing takes place. The Celts believe that water issuing from the earth comes direct from the earth mother and therefore contains her powerful essence. (These places are also subliminal which from a shamanic/magical point of view makes them potent.) Even today there are still many rivers around the world which are held as sacred; the Ganges, Nile, Euphrates and even our own River Thames among them. Many people in countries around the world value the different properties of particular springs – scientifically it depends on what minerals etc. their water contains, but then which elementals of the mineral kingdom are also involved here? It is also a very modern trend to buy bottled spring water at the supermarket.

Powerful water devas include Titan and Neptune.


Nature spirits and elementals are typified as the alluring and playful undine water spirits, with tales

of mermaids in the sea. This is a perfect anthropomorphisation of an energy flow, with the image of the mermaid’s flowing fishes tail, alluring body and long silken hair, singing hauntingly to sailors.


It is also easy to imagine spirits of the air; seen and felt in breezes and explosive winds, dancing leaves, waving flowers and shrubs, thrashing storm-tossed treetops, rippling across green pastures and through ripening fields of grain; blowing the clouds about and shifting rain from vertical to horizontal!

Devas – gods – of the wind, sky and weather include the North American Thunderbird, the Norse god Thor, the Welsh god Taran.

The slightly less powerful nature spirits and elementals in this category are the much romanticised sylphs, in their diaphanous clothes, with silken wings and spangled colour. Also the cliched fat cherubim with puffed up cheeks blowing through fluffy white clouds.

In the Celtic countries, there is the magic of scent and smoke which can be utilised to transport messages and intention to higher/other realms, and the immense importance of the chimney as a shamanic door/entrance/pathway to other planes of existence.


These can cover forces from a tiny candle flame to the magnificent grandeur of the sun. Candles and lanterns are associated with religious and spiritual experiences and practice all around the globe. Try it for yourself and notice the magical effect of lighting a single candle. There is also the potent effects of using incense and essential oils which involve both the elements of fire and air.

The typical devic appearance of fire is as a salamander; but there are also mythic beings such as the phoenix. Lesser nature spirits and elementals tend to simply adopt the flames of what the represent.

One mustn’t forget the fiery element of inspiration!

ALL DEVAS, NATURE SPIRITS AND ELEMENTALS HAVE THE CAPACITY AND FUNCTION TO CLEANSE: earth spirits cleanse pollution in the earth, water spirits pollution in the water and air spirits pollution of the air. But fire spirits have a particularly useful and necessary ability where humans are concerned for fire cleanses spiritual and mental pollution.


To understand and work with spirits is not to take a trip into another realm but to expand our awareness about the nature of life and living here and now.

“ Devas are called in using a form of telepathic vibration. Just thinking of them creates the vibration. The vibration from the thought makes a harmonic connection and attracts their attention and they turn towards you. Their response follows a basic law of physics: like attracts like. Thinking of a particular deva creates an electromagnetic signal which ripples out holographically – it is felt through space and the inner dimensions in a way that is not obstructed by time or distance.


“So to invite the spirits in, you need to have some idea of them in the first place. But this idea does not need to be a full and intimately familiar technicolour vision – the slightest idea of them works.

Simplicity and purity of intention are all that is really needed.”

“Working with Angels, Nature Spirits and Fairies” by William Bloom.


Humanity used to have far greater awareness and contact with the nature kingdom and it’s spirits. This contact was largely lost, probably because humanity had to develop it’s intellect and to do this it had to loose a lot of it’s sensitivity. But the time has come to re-establish our sensitivity and

connection; coupled with our newly developed intellect this will in fact make humanity very powerful. The other vital ingredient is “love”. Humanity needs to learn to love unconditionally, and to work in conjunction with our spiritual counterparts to bring about balance and health on all levels. Failure to do so will be catastrophic and possibly/probably terminal!

“We do not “come into” this world, we come “out of it”; as leaves from a tree. As the ocean “waves” so the universe “peoples”. Very individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe.”

Western teacher of Zen, Alan Watts.


Wherever there is a weed or a blade of grass growing between two bricks, there you will find elemental “fairy” life. Wherever you are, even sitting in a concrete box, you are surrounded by elemental life, channelling Divine life and energy from the Divine, through the devas, nature spirits and elementals, into physical form.

The implications for health and ecological issues – and many other challenges and problems – are immense.

And also remember: when you stroll “alone” in a wood or a sunlit meadow, or across a wild bare mountainside, you are actually in a dense crowd! A very harmonious crowd, but a multitude all the same….. but then you yourself are a “universe”. You also contain endless numbers of elementals and inner universes… puts a whole new perspective on life!


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R. Ogilvie Crombie

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