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Darkness, Stillness, Silence

by gillian - November 4th, 2012.
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Behind the philosophy of Pythagoras was an awareness that the sun rises from the dark “underworld”, it’s home’ and returns there every night. Thus the source of greatest light is the darkness. Pythagoras believed that I order to find clarity we must all enter darkness, physically as well as metaphorically, for darkness is the real source of light.

Spiritual and theraputic practice of taking retreat in physical darkness for the purpose of accessing inner light – spiritual enlightenment.

Can use darkness as a spiritual tool for breaking with your past, prior conditioning and limited reality of society.

Experiencing complete darkness, even for relatively short periods of time – hours not minutes! – can bring about a remarkable clarity and mental stillness and so provide a springboard for creativity, intuition and spiritual development.

Darkness – a form of initiation. Perhaps to discover who you are and why you are here; where you are going and who you are to become…. we need to feel welcome in the world and to find our place within it.


In stillness comes a melding and blending, an absorption into and with….

A way of integration between your higher self your incarnate spirit and your physical surroundings.

Be truly still so that you can detect and appreciate movement elsewhere.


Silence brings the ability to:

hear what is going on around you

hear your own thoughts, fears needs, aspirations and dreams

hear what is going on in your own body

hear communication from your higher self

hear the voice of the Divine/God; “the still small voice within”

Most of the time we endeavour to “tune out” from surrounding distractions.

I am asking you to find suitable time/place/space and “tune in”.

KEY POINT: So that you generally become more sensitive to who and where you are and at will can greatly deepen that connection for specific purposes.

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