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by Dafydd - June 22nd, 2009.
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I thought I’d share with you an idea I had a little while back… There is an idea called “Twinned Cities/Towns” that establishes cultural and social links with another town, usually in another country, the idea being to foster greater understanding and sharing cultures, celebrating differences and building bridges.

So the idea struck me… why not do the same with Groves? Wouldn’t it be nice for groves to have a “Sister Grove” in another country? One, or maybe two at most – keep it personal. How this could work in the real world is simple… the two Sister Groves could write to each other (or email/whatever) and share ideas, practices, recipes, little bardic offerings and generally share what it means to be a druidic group, celebrating and honouring, working and helping as the wheel of the year turns.

Cylch Blodeuwedd actively supports this idea, and would be happy to share such a dialogue/relationship with another grove somewhere else in the world… If you are interested in this, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

This idea has also been mentioned on Druidic Dawn, from where we hope other groves can also make their own arrangements for such an exchange.

Blessings to you all,


3 Responses to Sister Groves

  1. I am all for it but where or how would one find a sister grove? Is there something like a directory? Also, on choosing one ,would one need to take into consideration different approaches to Druidry and differing working (i.e. ritual) practices. Or should one just see who comes along and then learn from our differences? Just a thought!

  2. Finding a sister grove is indeed a good point… I’m hoping that if someone comes across this page while browsing the Druidic internet, and they’re interested in “sistering” Cylch Blodeuwedd, they’ll leave a comment here or fire off an email! Apart from that, I’ve started a thread in the Druidic Dawn forums as it’s a neutral space… I’m hoping that others who are interested in twinning will post on that thread.

    I think it wouldn’t matter so much about differences… unless the other grove was really racist or something, but I can’t see any being like this. Re the differences, that’s part of the whole point… if the other grove was an identical clone of CB, there’d be little exchange.

  3. Correllon DragonSoul

    What a wonderful idea, i caught this of course on Druidic Dawn.
    CalonDdraig had left the comment in the forums, and i thought to look around them a bit and see what some of the older posts were.
    I am the Arch Druid of the Order of Stone and Hearth. Our mother grove which is Pale moon Grove, i am sure would be interested in such a venture, and it would give my students something to think about and share. i am originally from Ireland and moved to the states, i have been here for many years now and enjoy this area. We are in the state of Tennessee, beautiful mountain area, the oldest in the world. It would be an honor, and knowing CalonDdraig, it would be an extreme honor should you decide to proceed forward.

    Correllon DragonSoul
    Arch Druid
    Order of Stone and Hearth

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