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    Hello Everyone,

    As we discussed ways to make the grove’s online communications a little more cohesive at the last ritual, I am changing the grove’s forum arrangements slightly.

    Basically, I’m modernising our forums, etc – the forum we have been using is almost 6 years old. In internet land, this is absolutely arcane… It looks pretty but has served the members of the grove rather poorly: It has mainly been a way for interested members to make contact with us – fine, but not really what we need from the forum.

    The other nightmare was not having a single-sign-on. This meant that to contribute to the website, or use the forum, or look at the grove’s photo galleries, you would have to log in seperately to each of those services. If you had used the same password for each of those, that would be fine (But annoying). If not, it would be almost mind blowing. I’m slowly clawing the website into this decade. This means that:

    Most pages on the grove website have a comment box under them. Discuss away if you read something you like the look of.The forum is mainly private, but is accessible. You can log in easily (including logging in via facebook), and that same login (if you’re a grove member) will allow you to contribute posts to the main website. It should be reasonably seamless.

    I’ll get round to dragging the galleries into the 21st C. sometime soon as well.

    If you’re a grove member, expect an email soon with further information about how to use these services! It will be simple, and you will like them – promise!!!


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